Brunei Meat Co Sdn Bhd

Simpang 557, Lot 7, Kampong Salar Industrial Estate, Mukim Mentiri BU1529, P.O.Box 1162, Gadong BE3978, Negara Brunei Darussalam
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Phone Number : 673 2792 996


BMC Food Industries Sdn Bhd is among the well-known local manufacturers of small goods and value-added products in Negara Brunei Darussalam that strictly comply with all The Religious Council of the Government of Brunei Darussalam Certification Guidelines for Halal Certificate and Halal Label. All our products are guaranteed 100% Premium Quality Halal food.

Our Beef & Chicken Delights include:
1) Cold cut and Cure meat
2) Sausage and Frankfurters
3) Coating product such as Nugget and Fillet
4) Burger Patties and Meat Ball
5) Corned Beef Hash and Dried Meat Floss

About Brunei Halal Brand:
Brunei Halal Brand is a project initiated by the MIPR (Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam) along with the cooperation of the Brunei Islamic Religious Council. Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

Through the Brunei Halal Brand, Brunei Darussalam has set sights to becoming one of the major players in the major players in the Halal industry globally, both in terms of Halal Food production and certification, with the ultimate aim of catering Halal foods, including other Halal Food products of premium quality, to Muslim populations worldwide.

Among the other objectives of the Brunei Halal brand is a commitment to the obligatory "Fardhu Kifayah" with an effort to increase the number of Halal foods that can be consumed by Muslims arising from the emergence of many varieties of products containing non-halal raw materials or ingredients. The global market can be assured that Brunei Darussalam's Halal Certification is very known to be stringent. The highest level of approval for the Halal certification is the Islamic Religious Council of Brunei Darussalam whose members comprise prominent clerics.

Opportunities and Potential:
The credibility of Brunei Halal Certification will bring confidence and trust to not only Muslims worldwide but can also assure the Non-Muslim market about the cleanliness and quality aspects of these products, as they undergo very strict procedures under the certification process.

But before gaining entry, potential businesses have to pass a strict approval process to gain usage of the coveted Brunei Halal Brand, which will be able to reassure customers about quality of these Brunei Halal Brand products.

Brunei Darussalam has also developed the Brunei Halal Standards as guidelines for the use of the Brunei Halal Certification.

*Halal is for All: To establish a world brand that speaks about values, that consumers can identify with, that is authentic and ethical.


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