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However, the real fact is that the animals and plants cannot effectively absorb and use calcium and minerals so enough is not provided to animals and plants. Even if the calcium is provided, the absorption of calcium is really low and it is doubtful that an ionized Ca++ can get through a cell wall. Also, if calcium is ionized and sustained, many researchers and developers have to find out what kinds of effects come from it. Therefore, our company had developed a material including lots of stabled Ca++ ion and minerals which were most effectively absorbed to the animals and plants and maximizing effectiveness and had promoted real business of this material aggressively. Eventually our company could produce stably and found various fields to be applied. As a result of such efforts, a natural material was born, having a huge difference from existing calcium oxide liquid in a field of producing method and usage.

This more economic, more effective, and more environmentally friendly new material is including highly concentrated calcium, which is ionized and maximizes activity. Also, there is no doubt about its sovereign virtue applied in various fields. Especially it is extremely friendly to this environment that we are living today because raw materials are only from shells and seaweed of clean areas, and no chemical process is treated.
Also, our company extracts minerals from corrosive granites and has developed an activated inorganic mineral in which more than 22 kinds of small amounts of minerals are ideally mixed and it is absorbed very quickly as several activated minerals that are necessary for various corps.
This activated mineral is artificially manufactured for living creatures to absorb necessary minerals very well so it is necessary to human beings and the animals and plants. Also, it can treat various wastewaters with environmentally friendly ways so it can be applied to various fields such as the purification of farms and ponds and red tide prevention.

It has patents in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong as well as Korea. It is sure that a usage development of a complex activated mineral will be unlimited, and it will contribute to restore an environment of the earth in the future.
It is obvious that even if we have to have a lot of researches and experiments to solve abstruse truths of nature, the solution for problems from nature without limitation must be found in nature. These materials developed by our company are one of these and we are proud of it.
After completing a development of a high-activated calcium oxide and complex minerals, we had been through a lot of self-tests for more than 5 years, and certified its efficiency in various fields. Until now, such efforts keep running continuously.

We will take all effort to commercialize these products providing many conveniences to our life with pouring out research and developments using natural materials.
For realization of the day where high bio-technologies contribute to the protection of the earth and human health, officers and employees of this company will continuously develop and commercialize new products with concentration and speed and make satisfaction with needs of customers from each field (agricultural industry, livestock industry, food industry, marine industry, pharmaceutical industry and etc). Additionally we will do our best to become a leading company heading to unlimited possibility, full of pride, in this limitless competitive bio technology market of the world.
Please give us your support and encouragement.

Thank you.


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