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Since 1969, KNH has been dedicated to improving the quality of life and to protecting the environment for the last four decades. Our motto is to serve our customers with better Quality, Service, and Innovation. Extended from the nonwoven platform, we have been successfully adapted the experience in other converting and finished goods fields. In the future, we will continually striving for self-advancing in our nonwoven platform and operation excellence to bring a Cleaner, Nicer, and Healthier tomorrow.
Unlike traditional woven or knitted textiles, Nonwoven fabric is made of small fibers which are bound mechanically, thermally or chemically with an adhesive. Typically, the nonwoven fabric is used as an alternative of other materials in producing products of a limited life or single use fabrics.

The benefit of nonwoven fabric is the balance of its functionalities and costs. Thus, recent years, the nonwoven material has been widely expanded its usages in various industries because its specific functions such as softness, strength, absorbency, liquid repellency, washability, cushioning, filtering…etc. These properties are often combined with other materials in order to further meet specific job requirements.

Common products used nonwoven fabrics are sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, apparels, wipes, carpet, padding and backing, envelopes, labels and tags, wall coverings, filters, agricultural coverings, automotive headliners and upholstery, roofing, insulation, geotextiles…etc.

KNH's current nonwoven platform includes air through nonwoven, air laid nonwoven, calender bond nonwoven (thermo-bond), spunlace nonwoven, meltblown nonwoven, laminated nonwoven, and composite nonwoven.


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