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As the final step of a branding strategy that actually touches the consumer, packaging design is critical. A package must deliver the brand message in just a few seconds. It must convey how the product can better fulfill a consumer’s needs compared to its competitors, even when the consumer knows nothing about the product. Our work does more than accurately present a product’s unique features and the story of differentiation. We aim to appeal directly to the heart of the consumer. Creating concept with the power to rouse emotion and inspire consumers each time they take a product into their hands. GTDI also handles branding projects that touch all aspects of visual design, including naming and creative solution, more effectively conveying brand value. By approaching each brand component as part of a whole, we aim to nurture the value of a brand as it takes place in the hearts and minds of consumers. With sensitive attention to customer communications and subtle yet bold designs, packaging design in the Japanese market consistently leads the world. gtdi’s mission is brand-building with a primary focus on packaging design. This means more than just developing branding rooted in culture. It means implementing international brand communications that transcend both region and nation. Our team is made up of highly experienced, multi-national designers from Asia and around the world. We understand the nuanced differences between the cultures of a product’s target and its country of origin which reflect those distinctions in our branding strategies.


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