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Japan rapidly modernized during the Taisho period, from 1912 to 1926, striving to catch up to developed countries in the West. During this time, the Company's founders, Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada, after studying to be seafarers together at the university, were motivated by the exciting prospect of exporting Japanese goods to markets overseas. Envisioning business as more than just a way to make money, they aspired to make high-quality products domestically for overseas consumers and to showcase to the world Japan's genuine abilities. That ambition has been passed down through their original five guiding principles to the present day to all employees. Today, PILOT's products are sold in over 180 countries around the world and valued by countless consumers, and the PILOT Group is aiming to continue expanding business by keeping the five guiding principles alive in the hearts and minds of all employees worldwide.


Gel Pens , Rollerball Pens , Ballpoint Pens , Mechanical Pencils , Porous Point Pens , pens , stationery

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