Al-Qawafel Ind. Agr. Co.

Free Zone Area - Zarqa - Jordan
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Phone Number : +962 5 3826731


Al-Qawafel Ind. Agr. Co. is a leading Jordanian Manufacturer of Compound Fertilizers and Chelated Trace Elements. It was founded in 1990 with the goal of providing farmers with high quality products to enhance crop quality and increase productivity. Al-Qawafel achieved this goal through extensive efforts in the field of Research and Development. The company has successfully introduced many new products to match the continuous developments in the field of agriculture.
Al-Qawafel has a distinguished presence in the local market and many international markets, and has won many international prizes in the field of commercial prestige, and has qualified for the international certificate for quality: ISO 9001 and the international certificate for environment: ISO 14000.
Al-Qawafel has developed a wide spectrum of products to meet various farmers requirements including: NPK Fully Soluble Compound Fertilizers, NPK Slow Release Compound Fertilizers, Chelated Trace Elements, Growth Regulators and a Variety of Specialty Products. In addition to these products, Al-Qawafel produces Potassium Sulphate and Urea Phosphate.
Al-Qawafel is also active in the fields of Seeds and Pesticides production to fulfil the various requirements of agriculture.
Al-Qawafel products are fully suitable for all crop types and various irrigation systems.



Fertilizers , Pesticides , Insecticide , Fungicide , herbicide

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