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EUROLAB positions itself as a modern clinic of the preventive medicine- medicine of the XXI century. We refused in advance to use all kinds of surgical intervention as we believe that the most effective way to get rid of many health problems- is timely and effective diagnostics. It has long been known that the best way to avoid the decease is its prophylaxis (prevention) and its better to prevent the decease rather than treat (cure) it.

Human organism- is self-regulating system which experienced doctor can systematically monitor, support (maintain) and in the case of need adjust (correct) it. Modern centers of the preventive medicine with its arsenal of different methods of accurate diagnosis scan the patient at the molecular level and predict the risks of many diseases that can detect the disease long before its clinical manifestations.

In the first place preventive medicine focuses on the health maintenance, its quality improvement and on the prevention of the premature aging processes of the organism. And if the main postulate of the ХХ century medicine was the treatment of the decease, the main postulate of the XXI century medicine- is the health preservation and promotion (strengthening). In our clinic with the help of our doctors and consultants of the leading clinics in Germany we will choose an individual program of diagnosis and prevention for you, that considers your body as a whole complex.



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