Coconut Tree Climbing Tools – Padukka, Sri Lanka

No:161,Horana Rood,Udumulla,Padukka.
Contact Person : 
Phone Number : +94113 189 129


*100% safe Sri Lankan product.
* All Parts of the Equipment are of the highest quality Iron imported & fitted.
* You can harvest the coconut in your own garden.
* Lightweight, easy to install device.
* Can be easily moved around.
* Made of strong Galvanize Metal,it doesn't corrode.
* Maximum load capacity of 1000 Kg.
* Light Poles Telephone Poles can be erected just like any other Coconut Tree,Kithul or Arecanut Tree.
* Can be used by both men and women.
* Adjustments can be made according to the circumference of the tree.
* Can be used even in rainy weather.
* No effect on the tree during use.
* Ability to stay on the seat longer.
* Ability to harvest in a very short period of time.
* There are Safety Belt so You can get off the device & climb the Tree.
* Ability to turn in any direction at the top of the tree.
* No special training required for use.
* 01 Year Warranty / Service Warranty is given life time.



Coconut Tree Climbing Tools , Agriculture Equipment

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