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CAG MEDIA HOUSE has established in Myanmar since May 2015, which is comprised by the groups of young Business Administrators, Media Professionals, and Sales Technicians that can respond anywhere to participate in Myanmar Media Industry.

CAG strives to be trusted in the public at large and various mass communication services and we are optimistic that with the level of expertise to be globally competitive to deliver satisfactory projects with our expertise.

CAG is the only business media brand that, inspire change. With creativity at our core, and vibrant storytelling in our DNA. We drive progress & innovation within our community and push Myanmar forward.

To provide companies, government bodies and individuals with the highest level of video and media production. Our services will exceed the expectations of our targeted customers. To fulfill the market needs with latest advance technology from the other side of world. To be one of the market leader through excellent services, creating new and advance way of production methods and integrated distribution channels. To upgrade Myanmar Motion Picture market and restructure the industry of Motion Picture Production and distribution system. To be a international film production company by using existing and upcoming outsource of Myanmar and ASEAN+3 (Korea, China and Japan). To be a leading supplier of Global Brand Media Communication equipment. To be one of the participant by advance media communication in the building of modern Myanmar.

Our vision is to be a content creator and aggregator, located around high demand and unmet themes, reaching all Myanmar on the Indo-China Peninsular and in the diaspora, through every access point, on any device. We aim to achieve this by working with partners, who have the same values as other Media Houses in South East Asia, to create and distribute authentic Myanmar stories for Myanmar and the rest of the world. In all of the above, CAG Media House aspire to be one of the leader in the Myanmar Motion Picture Industry and Media Communication industry by advance technology and infrastructure with excellent service.

Bring in and supply advance technology and equipment for media communication industry to develop the advance infrastructure of filming, media and communication industries. Develop the human resources with continuous advance training program to be supported by developed film industries. We aim to position ourselves as a new Myanmar-owned multi-platform media company with a culture that is alive, vibrant and progressive. Become a significant player in the media space in both Myanmar and South East Asia. Ensure that our business remains relevant, and Continually enhance the value of our enterprise.



motion video , photography , video editing


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