Lao Agar International Development Co. Ltd. (L.A.I.D)

Dongkhamxang Road P.O. Box M-17 CHINAIMO Vientiane, Lao P.D.R
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Phone Number : +856-21-480 666


Lao Agar International Development Co. Ltd. (L.A.I.D) signed MOU with Government of Lao PDR in 1998. The factory was established and started operations in 1999. L.A.I.D is located in Dongkhamxang Road, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.

L.A.I.D works jointly with STRI (Science and Technology Research Institute of Lao PDR) in developing new technologies, establishing new Agarwood plantations and promoting clean environmental practices

Lao Agar International Development Co. Ltd (L.A.I.D.) thrives in the forest of healthy Aquilariamalaccensis trees that produce agarwood. It has planted 200,000 trees, which is a substantial milestone of its target of one million trees.

The L.A.I.D agarwood plantation in Vientiane Province, Lao P.D.R was a response to a vital need, which has serious economic, cultural, religious and medical implications.

The trees help protect the ecosystem and the plantation symbolizes economic progress. It produced jobs and generated revenues from exports for the government.

Its exports are CITES-certified. CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

L.A.I.D and HSINTL are the only companies in the Lao P.D.R that use the latest technologies in plantation and tissue culture to cultivate healthy agarwood trees and extract premium quality oil. The company has tough quality control safeguards to ensure a premium product; its desirable quality has contributed to the growing demand for agarwood oil in the market.



AGARWOOD , Forestry Logging&Forestation

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